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The Management Committee

What is the Management Committee?

A management committee is a body of persons set up to hold important roles in an institution. They are usually senior members of the association that are in charge of the committee. The bulk of the work under this committee is to ensure that things are done majorly by volunteers or staff who manage the organisation’s daily activities. However, in instances where there are smaller organisations, the management committee is more actively involved.

Management committee members have the utmost responsibility for ensuring and coordinating the affairs of SDIA. Generally, their responsibility is to ensure that the association is run smoothly and efficiently. They provide leadership experience that drives the organisation forward and allows it to achieve all of its goals.

The management committee of SDIA mostly provides leadership through the following ways:

  • They lay down the strategies to direct the activities of SDIA
  • They make sure that the association is run efficiently
  • They keep close watch of everything that goes on and make sure all activities are not inconsistent with the objectives and goals of SDIA
  • The drive future of the SDIA
  • They are responsible for ensuring the realisation of the goals and aims of the SDIA

Core Responsibilities of the Management Committee

The management committee has certain core responsibilities. These responsibilities generally define the ambits of its relevance within the SDIA. These core responsibilities include:

1.Adherence to the Vision

The management committee makes sure that everything within SDIA, including the activities of staff and volunteers, helps uphold the association’s vision, goals, and objectives. They establish the core values as well as ethical strategies and principles that guide the operation of the SDIA.

2.Responsibility and Transparency

They are also responsible for being accountable for all activities within the association, including but not limited to financial account and analysis. They must show transparency in their dealings as they are accountable to the members of SDIA and all stakeholders, majorly investors.

The committee also evaluates the key areas of SDIA and makes recommendations on which areas need restructuring.

3.Legal and Compliance

The committee ensures that the duties and activities of SDIA comply with all relevant statutory provisions and legislations. The management committee does everything, and all other committees must be in tandem with the documentation governing the association be it the by-laws, memoranda or constitution. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with appropriate regulations.

4 Management of Staff and Volunteers

The management committee, as the name implies, manages all employees and volunteers within SDIA. They make sure that the right policies are in place for the staff and volunteers to ensure they are properly managed. Additionally, they recruit volunteers into the association and train them.

5.Overseeing of Finances

The management committee makes sure that resources, including money and properties, are well looked after and accounted for. They also keep in place systems and procedures to ensure proper record-keeping and accountability.